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polish: white minimalism

 white polish: kiko and here is round two of my minimalistic nail design. actually it’s quite the same but in white not black this time, which I like even more. it looks so pure and doesn’t need a pop of colour…and it suits so good to today’s weather in austria, it is finally snowing!!! xx… Continue reading

ootd: messeca new york heels

 pics by HDB with a new blog soon!! heels: messeca new york / hat, jeans: h&m / jumper: zara no need to explain where the focus is at this outfit – the black hat hehe. these heels are a very special piece on my shoe-shelf. the colour combination is so unique and also the shape… Continue reading

ootd: lace dress and scuba skirt

scuba skirt: &other stories / lace dress underneath: zara / jumper: zara men / boots: steve madden the lace dress is already quite some old news and the scuba skirt has also already made some appearances here on the blog but as a combination it is a new mix. as I (as always) don’t want… Continue reading

polish: minimalism

 black nailpolish: kiko as with many of my outfits I also like it minimalistic and monochromatic on my nails! so I decided to go for a very minimalistic version this time: simple thin black stripes. still have to work a bit on the technique but there will be another version of it… good start in… Continue reading

ootd: knitted jumper

tadaaaa I’m a Sphinx haha jumper, boots: zara / pants: h&m I guess I don’t have to explain how much I like this knitted jumper, black pants and in the last time again these black over knee boots. three real basic pieces that result in a casual everyday outfit I often wear to work. something… Continue reading

ootd: long leather gloves

 coat, boots: zara / leather gloves: local gloves shop / beanie: cos / dress: vero moda got this amazing black leather gloves from my mum as a christmas present and I couldn’t be happier with them. they fit so well and the leather is as soft as butter. the best thing about them is that… Continue reading

polish: balmain nail couture

 nailpolish: balmain nail couture so today I really wanna show-off! I got the most beautiful and I guess also most luxurious nailpolish out there. I was spoiled by another blogging-girl who owns this nailpolish-set too and was amazed by the packaging when I saw a pic on instagram but didn’t even think of hunting it…. Continue reading

ootd: united nude heels

 heels: united nude / jumper: zara / pants: h&m united nude shoes are always something very special and ‚every day‘ is definitely not a word I would describe this brand with. the heels I’m wearing above stand out especially for their red textured shiny material and the mirrored heel. another plus is that they are… Continue reading

ootd: dalmatian print

 pics by disi dalmatian pants: h&m / boots, jumper, leather jacket: zara remember when I told you here there will be more posts about white pants? well – here is the third post about them (find the second one here ). well the pants are not totally white but still a big change to my… Continue reading

polish: isadora peel off base

 isadora nailpolishes: peel off base, 868 China Empress, 772 Purple Reign today I want to show you a very special polish, that makes removing (glitter) nailpolish super easy. it is a base coat by isadora that can be peeled off in a few seconds. you only have to apply a very thin layer (I wouldn’t… Continue reading