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polish: black nailpolish

nailpolish: kiko black / rings: bigger one: from the old bazar in istanbul / smaller one: pandora I’m a huge fan of rings that are a bit oriental and have these black elements within it. and I like them even more if they have a special story to tell – like the bigger one: I… Continue reading

polish: white minimalism

white polish: kiko   spring means bright and colourful outfits and nailpolish everywhere as well as blooming flowers. but from time to time my mostly colourful nails (see springwise here or here ) like to take a break from colours and join my outfits in being monochromoatic. and adding a minimalistic touch to the all… Continue reading

polish: flowers – white tulips

 white nailpolish: kiko / white tulips / pearl ring: mesenso there’s something so pure and innocent about white tulips and white nailpolish – so as a consequence I had to combine them in my this week’s flower nailpolish-post. and already cut flowers are definitely the best choice in my presence..they will die anyway and I… Continue reading

polish: flowers – narcissus

 nailpolish: chanel polish mimosa 577 / flowers: narcissus meteorological it isn’t spring yet and I have already managed to nearly kill my narcissus. at least they live at our home since about a month…there was a little plant in advent which didn’t reach the one weak mark ;( if I have to water them more… Continue reading

polish: flowers – grape hyacinth

Nailpolish: kiko 635 sugar mat is winter already over this year or will we get a comeback with loads of snow and a winter wonderland? anyway, it feels so much like spring with all of its lovely flowers not only hitting flower shops but also popping up already in gardens. when thinking about this grape… Continue reading

nails: valentine’s inspo

 black and white nailpolish: kiko valentine’s day is coming up again and as you probably know by now I’m not a huge fan of pink nor of hearts or anything kitschy or too girly. nevertheless, I did a valentine’s mani but a very minimalistic one. black and white but with small hearts. once a year… Continue reading

polish: white minimalism

 white polish: kiko and here is round two of my minimalistic nail design. actually it’s quite the same but in white not black this time, which I like even more. it looks so pure and doesn’t need a pop of colour…and it suits so good to today’s weather in austria, it is finally snowing!!! xx… Continue reading

polish: minimalism

 black nailpolish: kiko as with many of my outfits I also like it minimalistic and monochromatic on my nails! so I decided to go for a very minimalistic version this time: simple thin black stripes. still have to work a bit on the technique but there will be another version of it… good start in… Continue reading

polish: balmain nail couture

 nailpolish: balmain nail couture so today I really wanna show-off! I got the most beautiful and I guess also most luxurious nailpolish out there. I was spoiled by another blogging-girl who owns this nailpolish-set too and was amazed by the packaging when I saw a pic on instagram but didn’t even think of hunting it…. Continue reading

nails: christmas day

 polish: essie / golden lametta hello dears, wishing you all a very happy christmas and hope you can enjoy the day with your loved ones! hallo ihr lieben, ich wünsche euch allen frohe weihnachten und hoffe, ihr könnt den tag mit euren liebsten verbringen!