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ootd: silver and gold details

 pics by you know whom… HDB shoes and top:  zara / shorts: h&m / bag: alexander wang / jewellery:, h&m, pandora, market in berlin last saturday it was all about a mix of hardware. gold and silver to be precise. I normally only buy silver jewellery and clothes with additional metal details in silver… Continue reading

ootd: new love

pics by whom else: HDB bag: diesel / shoes: h&m was swimming after work at schönbrunner bad and have never seen so many people in an open-air pool. felt a bit like a sardine in a tin but it was so worth it. here are my recent most loved pieces: the leather tote from diesel… Continue reading

B … and some kind of preview

 pics by the most talented photographer HDB the pics were taken last sunday in an underground garage while waiting for a movie to begin. not the worst way by-passing an hour. well it is some kind of preview, because there is a bunch of many more pics. will show you better pics of the outfit… Continue reading

ootd: white mesh

here is some of the jewellery of the day and here is a special pic for my very special photographer. sometimes she tells me how I should „pose“ and that’s what she calls the french vogue pose :D  well – I don’t always agree with her according to exotic poses but the pics are definitely… Continue reading

ootd: yellow highlight

 pics by HDB leather jacket: zara / tee: h&m / trousers: primark / bag: alexander wang rocco bag in the woods with a – for me very atypical – coloursplash: bright yellow. you have already seen yellow on me this week but in a pastel yellow way and on trousers (on trousers I have been… Continue reading

ootd: what I didn’t tell you yet…

 bag: alexander wang rocco bag with black hardware … is that I bought myself a little something for my graduation while being in london (well, actually it was the plan – flying to london, buying ourselfes a bag).  it was some hours before we had to catch our plane back home. we had a very… Continue reading

ootd: always always always stripes

 pics by the one and only HDB jumper and pants: zara / shoes: &other stories / bag: alexander wang rocco bag it looks like no matter what I’m wearing  lately, there are always always always stripes included. tee, jumpers, blouses, pants… I think the trend really got me ;)  this time they are very subtle… Continue reading

ootd: stripes – not only trousers

 shirt, pants, boots, leatherjacket – well, everything: zara  yep, I like stripes – not only my striped trousers, also these awesome shirt from zara. bought it already some months ago and thanks to fall weather in spring, I still can wear it without melting away.  did some shopping today (oh wow the new zara in… Continue reading

ootd: cosy does it

 scarf and top: h&m / pants: zara / shoes: elle an everyday outfit today: skinny pants, comfy top, flats and an oversized scarf which could also serve as a blanket. bought the scarf last summer at h&m (and a second one at the sale as a back-up haha). some days later I received their latest… Continue reading

dear mr. wang…

dear mr. wang, why are you always doing this to me??? I nearly could buy every single pair of your shoes… just because I love them, not because I have the money to buy them. damn. probably anyone out there who would invenst about 500€ in one of these awesome shoes and therefore invest in… Continue reading