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trend alert: pearls

pics by disi ring: pearlring from mesenso  you have probably seen it on many other blogs and fashion sites in the web and know there is a huge trend going on right now: pearls! sophisticated pearl jewelery in all kinds of shapes and styles. pearls always have something very elegant to me and are not always… Continue reading

ootd: black leather pants

 pics by disicouture leather pants: h&m trend / tee: h&m / coat, ponyhair slipons: zara I can’t believe that I finally found the perfect pair of black skinny leather pants. I was on the hunt for them quite some time but never found a pair that had a good fit, were long enough, not too… Continue reading

ootd: zara boots

pic disi boots: zara when I first saw these boots at zara it was truely love at first sight! heels which look like you are wearing leather socks or something like that. and they are something sadly really rare at zara…they outside as well as inside full leather. so when they hit sale the days… Continue reading

ootd: extra long coat

   coat, pants, jumper: zara / boots: liebeskind / sunnies: ray ban erika / beanie: cos one of my alltime favourite looks: total black combined with this awesome long light brown coat and flat boots – this is how you see me walking around most of the time right now. nothing I have to think… Continue reading

ootd: white cropped jumper and white blouse

 pants, boots, jumper: zara / blouse: mango / floppy hat: h&m after showing you a cropped pink pullover here today it’s time for a very similar black and white version. although being a big lover of black and white looks as you know I like the pink version better this time … probably because I… Continue reading

polish: flowers – narcissus

 nailpolish: chanel polish mimosa 577 / flowers: narcissus meteorological it isn’t spring yet and I have already managed to nearly kill my narcissus. at least they live at our home since about a month…there was a little plant in advent which didn’t reach the one weak mark ;( if I have to water them more… Continue reading

ootd: pink cropped jumper and white blouse

 pants, boots: zara / cropped jumper, jacket: h&m / blouse: mango / beanie: cos as a lover of cropped jumpers with blouses underneath I wanted to try something different than my typical black and black or black and white combination. so I went colourful and tried white mixed with baby pink. normally I would definitely… Continue reading

inspiration: marble

holy cow this whole marble trend that is going on right now is really getting me! I’ve already spotted trousers at zara (right pic) and alexander wang has interior (black candyholders and black bowl). and if you search on pinterest or etsy you also find jumpers or phone cases. I haven’t bought anything yet but… Continue reading

ootd: grey cozy winterlook

 jumper: cashmere / scarf: cos / pants: zara / boots: mango what is more comfortable than thick jumpers and scarfs in the colder months? and the maximum of comfortableness is definitely cashmere – quite posh but definitely worth it (lucky me got the jumper from my aunt for christmas) – and for sure incomparable with… Continue reading

polish: flowers – grape hyacinth

Nailpolish: kiko 635 sugar mat is winter already over this year or will we get a comeback with loads of snow and a winter wonderland? anyway, it feels so much like spring with all of its lovely flowers not only hitting flower shops but also popping up already in gardens. when thinking about this grape… Continue reading