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white pants in winter

pics by disi heels: &other stories / jacket: zara / jumper, pants: h&m / sunnies: ray-ban sometimes I like to wear white pants even in fall and winter although it is very typical for summer to me – you will find two more posts about white pants in winter soon here! in the background you… Continue reading

SCS big opening

 me – vicky – katja – disi – thanh last week the girls and I the girls and I were invited to the big opening of the SCS (shopping city south) in vienna. it was a great night and we had so much fun!  not only because of the great drinks and food but also… Continue reading

plaid green scarf

pics by HDB the great leather jacket, heels: zara / plaid green scarf, hat: h&m / sunnies: ray-ban aviator as plaid is such a big trend at the moment I didn’t wanted to miss to post something plaid too – but not in the typical – red-plaid way – I chose green. it was a spontaneous… Continue reading

christmas nails: candy cane – isadora

 polish: isadora purple reign 772 and angel wings 775 isadora has great nailpolish at the moment and when I saw these two colours I new I had to match them as a candy cane! I know – normally candy canes are a more brighter and pink / red but it also should suit me ;)… Continue reading

adventcalendar austrian blogger

hello dears! as today is the first of december and also the first sunday in advent I and 23 other lovely blogger girls from austria have a little surprise for you! we have teamed up and created this wonderful advent calendar – full of different surprises for you! every one of us is responsible for… Continue reading

striped jumper – grid pants

pics by disi jumper: mango / pants: h&m / sunnies: ray-ben / boots: mmmxhm grey and white – nothing new, but stripes and grid, that’s something I have never done before. although I normally don’t really like print mixes, I really love this one – the colours match perfectly (well, the non-colours…) and somehow it… Continue reading


 pics by disi jumper: demelrave / pants: hm / heels: &otherstories aren’t the guys from demelrave awesomely crazy? I had the chance to get to know them and interview them for the festival for fashion and photography quickly had a crush on this print. I mean – who would not want to wear a persian… Continue reading

sneaker love

 pics by disi prisma bag: alexander wang / shoes: nike free run 2 by def shop / coat: zara / tee: isable marant x hm When I was about 15 I only wore sneakers and my mum always wanted to persuade me for a pair of more feminine shoes. I stayed strong and wore sneakers every day… Continue reading

nails: winterwonderland

 polish: kiko / dotting tool: amazon Now that it’s already the end of november it’s time to kick off a winter / christmas holiday manicure season. Starting today with a little snowman and snowfall on two fingers. It again was really easy to do because all you need is a „dotting“ tool and the little… Continue reading

beautiful fall

 pics by HDB boots: steve madden / skort: zara / waistcoat: hm / tee: etsy I’m still impressed how beautiful fall can be! all these colours and so much leaf and sunshine!! I like this kind of fall quite much more than 40 degrees summer days…  and thanks to these pics I have a new… Continue reading