ootd: stripes

the top, leather jacket and heels are zara the striped pants are primark I love black, I love white – so this outfit shouldn’t be a big surpirse. also see me wearing this trend piece with some more colours than just black and white …maybe with grey haha. …or just maybe with some crazy colours… Continue reading

ootd: black white black white black white bla..

the shoes are alexander wang the rest is ikea ;) MY LOVELIES MY LOVELIES HERE THEY ARE MY LOVELIES. I’m so in love with those shoes and can’t wait to wear them nonstop when finally THE SNOW IS GONE!!!  I already received them over a month ago and already have worn them several times…in my… Continue reading


first of all – sorry for the really bad light quality. it was so dark inside and all the lovely photographers had a very hard job inside ;) yesterday was the day and I finally graduated from university. it was so magical but also weired when you recognize that you’ll not have to enter this… Continue reading

ootd: david 23

  pics by HDB wearing zara coat, trousers and scarf hm cat hat clarks (winter) boots and tommy hilfiger (black) boots shirt stolen from the bf snow snow snow – that was Vienna some weeks ago. the snow was so beautiful and I really liked how the whole city looked like.  this post isn’t only… Continue reading

if only I could …. again

necklace – hm bags – &other stories pants – hm shoes – &other stories jumper – zara shorts – hm lego bag – etsy shoes – converse I’m again craving some really great pieces. I’ll definitely have to go to London some time soon and have a look at the &other stories shop. there are… Continue reading

ootd: fluffy

the fluffy coat and the hat are h&m pants zara shoes tommy hilfiger and the bag is alexander wang so in love with this turquoise fluffy coat by h&m trend. I bought it back in December but some weeks ago it was the first time I finally could wear it. the colour is so crazy… Continue reading

ootd: child side

jumper and jeans are zara boots are diesel sunnies ray ban time for ripped jeans wihtou freezing again. yeeah! need a white and a black one asap (ok asap in april), there is a great version at h&m right now. these pics were taken some days ago by the evil twin (thank you again!). she… Continue reading

ootd: fog

trousers, leather jacket and boots are zara shirt and necklace are h&m shot some time ago when it was really foggy. liked it so much that you didn’t see much further than 10 meters or so. quite creepy uhuh.

beauty: splash nails

the white polish is essie and the black is flormar at the weekend I was in the mood to try something I’ve wanted to try for quite a time. crazy splashes! first I put on white polish and then put tape around my nails. afterwards came the part that I thought was going to be… Continue reading

if only I could…

damn you, no shopping!! there are so many great pieces out right now, but as you might probably remember, I won’t shop until the end of March (fasting…). so here are some pieces I’m absolutely craving right now. and let’s keep the fingers crossed, that they will be still available in a month… 1. jeffrey… Continue reading