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basics and heels

 heels: zara / bag: alexander wang prisma bag / tee: T by alexander wang / shorts: f21 this is one of my favourite outfit combinations for summer: a basic tee, shorts and heels which can easily be changed for flipflops! I love all my summer heels especially this ones from zara but when it’s too… Continue reading

not so summer black

 pic by HDB shoes: cheap monday / leather jacket, trousers, top: zara / necklace: fashionology well, black again! I have to admit that it is not much of a summer look but quite good for a pizza or pasta in the evening when it’s not that hot anymore :) ja, mal wieder schwarz! ich muss… Continue reading

nails: minions

polish: yellow: chanel mimosa / blue: chanel azuré / white and black: essie well, I guess you all are quite familiar with the minionis? I’m more than in love with them and still have to listen several times a day to the banana song :D yes, the child inside me sometimes is the biggest part… Continue reading

the. kimono

 pic by HDB Shoes: zara / tee: T by Alexander Wang / shorts: h&m / kimono: amazon This is one of the biggest treasures in my wardrobe – I’m SO in love with this amazing kimono. I got it as a graduation present from one of my lovelies (thank you bussibär, miaugh) and look at it… Continue reading

walking shoes

pic by HDB Shoes: cheap monday Today just a little detail shot of one of my new babies. I first saw them over a year ago and when they hit the sale about a month ago I clicked them home from asos J they are so easy to walk and super comfortable (I always get „oh… Continue reading

nails: summertime

polish: catrice bright colour for my nails: check! flowers in the garden: check! so why not mix those two summer essentials for a nailpost. besides black / white and greenish colours I’m a big fan of yellow for my nails. this one from catrice is so awesome. feeling like a minion hihi.  I applied 3… Continue reading

plaid around hips

 pics by HDB trousers and tee: h&m / shoes: &otherstories / bag: acne / plaid shirt: f21 men plaid shirts around the hips. that’s a trend that surely not everyone is gonna like. it has already made apperances on several fashion blogs and it is not something I would wear everyday but from time to… Continue reading

nails: kiko mirror

 nailpolish: kiko mirror last week I first tried this mirror polish by kiko. it was the first time I generally tried a mirror polish and I think I expexted more. it shines lovely but well…that’s it. no more special effects or something like that haha. I thought it would shimmer in another way. and I… Continue reading


 pics by the most talented HDB jumper, shoes, bag: zara / shorts: h&m ohohoh I love love love perspex!! as heels, as bags, as jewellery (more on that to come), as furniture (need a ghost chair!!!) …everything is great in perspex. today’s perspex is in the details: a small bag from zara (you have already… Continue reading