ootd: always always always stripes

 pics by the one and only HDB jumper and pants: zara / shoes: &other stories / bag: alexander wang rocco bag it looks like no matter what I’m wearing  lately, there are always always always stripes included. tee, jumpers, blouses, pants… I think the trend really got me ;)  this time they are very subtle… Continue reading

beauty: chanel azuré nailpolish

 polish: chanel azuré when I saw the first announcement of this polish I was like OMFG! 3 super amazing colours but still quite some time to wait. but then, some days ago the waiting came to an end. I went into the store and as always, wanted to buy all the three of them, but… Continue reading

ootd: stripes – not only trousers

 shirt, pants, boots, leatherjacket – well, everything: zara  yep, I like stripes – not only my striped trousers, also these awesome shirt from zara. bought it already some months ago and thanks to fall weather in spring, I still can wear it without melting away.  did some shopping today (oh wow the new zara in… Continue reading

ootd: cosy does it

 scarf and top: h&m / pants: zara / shoes: elle an everyday outfit today: skinny pants, comfy top, flats and an oversized scarf which could also serve as a blanket. bought the scarf last summer at h&m (and a second one at the sale as a back-up haha). some days later I received their latest… Continue reading

dear mr. wang…

dear mr. wang, why are you always doing this to me??? I nearly could buy every single pair of your shoes… just because I love them, not because I have the money to buy them. damn. probably anyone out there who would invenst about 500€ in one of these awesome shoes and therefore invest in… Continue reading

nails: the black and white thing

 black and white polish: essie / green polish flormar some days ago I was in the mood of – well – doing something different. a bit black a bit white and a touch of green. and some scotch tape ;) it’s always quite a challenge messing around with the scotch tape but till now it… Continue reading


some of my insta-life today. never did a post like this because I’m not always a fan of instagram. often it looks like „of my god, I have to grab my phone and just post it on instagram“ and I don’t always want to record every moment of my life in pics. but for staying… Continue reading

ootd: supergirl

 t-shirt: stolen from the bf / pants: zara SUUUUUUPERGIRL is (almost) back! actually these are quite some old pics, but I’m feeling much better day by day and thought it would fit quite well now.  this is again a stolen t-shirt from the bf. well, not really stolen, he gifted it to me after a… Continue reading

ootd: monochrome

 jacket: h&m trend / trousers: zara / shoes: asos what can I say? I’m absolutely in love with this jacket!! it was a find at h&m some weeks ago and can’t wait to wear it again. it has such a great shape and the structure is amazing. in this pic totally monochrome but can’t wait… Continue reading

beauty: neon orange american appareal polish

 polish: american apparel NEON NEON NEON! It’s again (still?) all about neon. and I’m in love with this neon orange polish from american apparel. I also bought pink and yellow hihi they all look so good!! it’s such a nice accent to pretty much anything else. black – white – neon. I like!!  as the… Continue reading