always something better

jacket: h&m trend shirt: h&m trousers: zara  everytime I walk into one of these h&m stores that sell h&m trend pieces I am kind of afraid of finding something really great …again. and it happend last week when I was looking for a big dotted blouse and the same trousers. I was strong enough not… Continue reading

everything needed

pics by HDB coat: frieda and freddies trousers: zara boots: acne the only thing I really need on super cold winter days like these? my down-jacket!! it’s the only thing that keeps me from freezing. although I always look like a sumo wrestler I really like it and wear it every day since about december…. Continue reading


hello lovelys, so today I thought I could start uploading some pics on lookbook (only two more days to go till the next exam, so I think I just waited for the perfect moment hehe) you can find me under the name „worryaboutitlater“ or click here for the direct link. are you on lookbook too?… Continue reading

baroque – full look

pics by HDB  baroque trousers: zara leather jacket: zara scarf: zara boots: liebeskind jumper: h&m beanie: hm happy new week dears! here’s the total look of the baroque trousers I have already shown you some weeks ago here . I wore it (what surprise) total black. I think my light-brown hair is colour enough ;) I… Continue reading

a closer look at the boots

boots: mmm x hm so I thought today I will show you some closer looks at the fantastic acrylic glas glass heels, you seemded to like in the previous post. I really love them and they are an fantastic add on my shoe shelf hehe and for more updates you can always find me on… Continue reading


hello dears, today a little post with my 3 favorite nacklaces at the time, which are all from h&m. normally I don’t buy much jewellery at h&m (I tend to not wear them more than 3 times…) but I bought the one from the first pic last spring and liked it pretty much. then I… Continue reading

the bag

pics by HDB hello dears! first of all wishing you all a wonderful happy new year! hope you joined great parties yesterday. here is a look from some days ago with one of my great christmas presentes that already had an appearance here on the blog. this chain bad is so lovely and I am… Continue reading

cold sunday

pics by HDB trousers: zara shoes: acne hat: h&m cashmere jumper necklace: h&m hello dears! here is an outfit from last sunday when my dear photographer hilde and I were at Schloss Schönbrunn in beautiful Vienna. Actually it was way too cold for being outside without a superwarm jacket but for some minutes it was… Continue reading

ootd: previw – baroque black

pic by HDB baroque trousers: zara / jumper: h&m / leather jacker: zara / polish: essie here is a little preview of what I was wearing the other day. the baroque trousers from zara are a little change to my beloved normal black skinny trousers from zara ;) and of course once again: all black!… Continue reading