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ootd: kittycat

pics by hilda coat: zara hat: hm hi dears, just a very quick hi …from bed. I’ve been ill since yesterday and just don’t feel well. but sleeping all the time makes it a bit better. I’ll be back soon… xx

ootd: celine vs zara – sale vs decoration

shoes: zara trousers: zara leather jacket: zara scarf: h&m beanie: DIY (crocheted) in the first pic you see these amazing heels from celine on the left and on the right the also amazing heels from zara. I saw them in the stores and then finally on sale – for 30 euros. ka-ching! if I said… Continue reading


mmm x hm oversized knit zara boots cos bag opi nailpolish the only thing that keeps me warm this days? this super warm and oversized knit by mmm x hm.  it’s more a dress than a jumper and I’ve only worn it with leggins till now.  it was also available in a dark blue which… Continue reading

always something better

jacket: h&m trend shirt: h&m trousers: zara  everytime I walk into one of these h&m stores that sell h&m trend pieces I am kind of afraid of finding something really great …again. and it happend last week when I was looking for a big dotted blouse and the same trousers. I was strong enough not… Continue reading

everything needed

pics by HDB coat: frieda and freddies trousers: zara boots: acne the only thing I really need on super cold winter days like these? my down-jacket!! it’s the only thing that keeps me from freezing. although I always look like a sumo wrestler I really like it and wear it every day since about december…. Continue reading


hello lovelys, so today I thought I could start uploading some pics on lookbook (only two more days to go till the next exam, so I think I just waited for the perfect moment hehe) you can find me under the name „worryaboutitlater“ or click here for the direct link. are you on lookbook too?… Continue reading

baroque – full look

pics by HDB  baroque trousers: zara leather jacket: zara scarf: zara boots: liebeskind jumper: h&m beanie: hm happy new week dears! here’s the total look of the baroque trousers I have already shown you some weeks ago here . I wore it (what surprise) total black. I think my light-brown hair is colour enough ;) I… Continue reading

a closer look at the boots

boots: mmm x hm so I thought today I will show you some closer looks at the fantastic acrylic glas glass heels, you seemded to like in the previous post. I really love them and they are an fantastic add on my shoe shelf hehe and for more updates you can always find me on… Continue reading


hello dears, today a little post with my 3 favorite nacklaces at the time, which are all from h&m. normally I don’t buy much jewellery at h&m (I tend to not wear them more than 3 times…) but I bought the one from the first pic last spring and liked it pretty much. then I… Continue reading